IF Lab 2014/2015

Well, this semester really get me up. I mean, there was a lot of new things that I did this semester

About in middle of the semester, I was appointed to be the [temporary] Informatics LabWork Supervisor because the [real] supervisor was on maternity leave. Kind of new experience for me, well, anyway I ought to do it.

But the thing is, not really much that I have to do, since I was just a temporary. All I have to do is sign the report, manage the overall lab work, not much I guess, but then it was fun

so here I got the picture of the LabWork Assistants by the end of the semester

2014-12-11 - Asprak IFLab - After Practicum 2014-2015

2014-12-11 – Asprak IFLab – After Lab Work 2014-2015

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