ICoICT 2019

On 23-26 July 2019, several members of AI Laboratory and I had the opportunity to present our research paper at the ICoICT 2019 conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Our Presenters

There were presented five papers which authored by members of our lab. They are:
1. Septian Dwi Indradi – “Face Image Super‐Resolution” (presented by me)

2. Aditya Alif Nugraha – “Generating Image Description on Indonesian Language”

3. Muhammad Romi Ario Utomo – “Text Classification of British English and American English”

4. Nanang Saiful Huda – “A Multi‐label Classification on Topics of Quranic Verses (English Translation)”

5. Nopita Pratiwi Patmawati – “Quality Image Enhancement from Low Resolution Camera”

the last one is not a member of our lab, but I supervise this research as his supervisor for his undergraduate thesis. He is Graham Desmond with ” Face Spoofing Detection using Color Distortion Features and Principal Component Analysis”

It was a nice and meaningful experience both for me and our member.

I hope, next year, more from us can present our research paper.


on the 4th and 5th day, we went sightseeing the beauty of Kuala Lumpur

See you on the next conference

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