Gathering AI Laboratory 2015

It is kind of an End Year party for the member of AI Laboratory.
a Closing celebration for the previous period of Assistant Management (2014/2015) to the next period (2015/2016), as well to be a Gathering Night for all member of AI Lab Family.

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Saturday Evening, February 7th 2015, under the pouring rain, we all go to a Villa in Maribaya, Lembang, Bandung. The night is cold, so we just start it off with a feast. Dining together on Saturday evening did make the warm feeling of togetherness. There are member for almost all generation, from the old ones (as you see there :D) to the newest member. Even those who had their Final Thesis Defense coming up also came to this Gathering.

20150207_203152Night Feast with AI Family


After we fill our stomach, next comes the main event. The handover of responsibility for The Assistant Management from the previous period (standing on the right, handed over by Indah) to the next period (left side, received by Wira)

20150207_212623Handover of Assistant Management Responsibility


Followed by group photo of the current and former Lab Assistants. For the next period, for at least a year or so, with those responsibility resting upon you, let’s hope that you all can maintain and uphold our beloved Laboratory and Family with a good care.

20150207_212802Current (standing) and Former (sitting) AI Laboratory Assistants


Next is the ‘Late Night Snack’. We all go under the starry night at the yard behind the Villa. Fortunately the rain has stopped. So we all can go barbecuing some corns and sausages. Accompanied by the melodious sounds of guitar and harmonica played by Afrizal, Afkar, and Hanif. What a romantic night.

20150207_232650 20150207_232922 20150207_234905
Late night barbecue


After a fun night, around midight, when we all have poured all of our fun, only then we felt so sleepy and tired. Time to hit the deck.

20150208_050005 20150208_050015 20150208_050043 20150208_050120 20150208_050124


Time flies, and the morning come. Rise and shine everybody. Some of us prepared our breakfast while the rest is having a little morning exercise and fun games lead by Mr Agung. Sharing all the laughter in the morning really wakes you up.

20150208_074237 20150208_075410

20150208_075550 20150208_080846


After breakfast, we close our Gathering event by exchanging gift and made a group photo as a keepsake for these moments



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